Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Feedback from Screening

From these feedback sheets we can understand as a group that the things that need developing are;
  • Lip singing needs to be more synchronised with the song that is going on in the background.
  • The target audience should be suggested to be clubbers and why only male?
  • The pace of the music video doesn't match the sound, so needs to be changed slightly.
  • There should only be one parody per room.
  • The structure doesn't entirely make sense.
  • To adjust the pace of the video you could find a different edit of the song.
We as a group will now go trough each individual point that we have been given as audience feedback and we will make sure to develop these things so that they are better and so that it is suitable for the target audience.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Music Video - First Draft

This is our first draft of our music video for One More Time by BooSH. This is the version in which we will be sharing with our target audience in the first screening. The purpose of the screening is to get an idea of what our chosen demographic think of the video so far, and what they think needs developing. This is a very helpful was of getting information about our video, highlighting the positives and negatives. This version is not yet finished but it gives a clear idea of what our final video will look like.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Journal Eight

This week we have managed to film the finally of our video; The Gangnam spoof. This was the most ambitious section as it required a lot extras and equipment. The first thing we needed to sort out was the location and we believed that the drama studio we used to green screen in was the perfect location to shoot is as it fit the 'club' style we where looking for. We also needed to make sure we had people to not only feature in the scene, but also people to operate the camera, lighting and effects. Due to a source, we where able to use some professional lighting and smoke machine (as a reference to the original Gangnam video) which was a bonus in making the shots look amazing. We decided to not bother shooting the other videos we planned to do as we had no more room in the video we had edited already. This was a big decision but we thought it was the best thing to do. Overall I am happy with this weeks progress and hopefully next week we can focus on finishing the video at the post stage.

Final Poster

CD Release Poster Analysis

This is a example of a poster that is used as a promotional material for a new CD release. This is the poster advertising the release of Taylor Swifts new album Red plus a new single. The first convention that most posters have is the typography and imagery is linked or the same as the album is, in this case the imagery and type is the same as the album itself. This is one of the key principles I must feature in my poster design. The next convention of a CD poster is the 'Included tracks' that is used as a USP (unique selling point) to help sell the album and draw people in who like the singles. This is very important and it must feature on my own design for BooSH's album poster. Another convention is the actual album cover featuring on the poster. In this case it doesn't have the album, it has the single cover that it is also trying to sell. Normally this would be essential on a poster of this nature, so I will have it feature on mine. The last main point that should be on a CD release poster is the date of the release or some telling the audience that that it is 'Out Now' just so that know and are able to buy it when released. This is definitely something I must include in my design. There are also some over things that this poster includes that are not as important with regards to the key conventions but with the audience I have (17 - 30) it is very important that they can access the content of my artist socially.There must  be social details on the poster i.e. facebook, twitter, email, web address etc that will be easy for today's young generation to access whenever where ever, which is, in a way, a new convention for the next generation. This is definitely also going to feature on my poster design.